Smart Virtual Reception service in Australia

The Smart Virtual Reception service at The Message Centre follows the same format as our other messaging services, in that one operator will answer any incoming calls to your business. However, rather than taking a message to relay via email or SMS immediately afterwards, this service allows the caller to be transferred directly to the relevant person or department.

If a live transfer is made and the person the caller seeks is unavailable, then the operator will take a message and send this directly to the intended recipient via SMS or email.

How Smart Virtual Reception works


Standard Smart Virtual Reception script

  • Operator: “Thank you for calling [your business name], this is Joanne speaking, how may I help you?”
  • Caller: “Hello Joanne, would I please be able to speak to John?”
  • Operator: “May I ask who’s speaking please?”
  • Caller: “My name is Liam from The Message Centre.”
  • Operator: “May I ask what the call is regarding?”
  • Caller: “I want to find out when Steven is available for an appointment.”
  • Operator: “No problem Liam, I’ll check if he is available.”
  • The operator then dials Steven on his number. If Steven answers, the operator will then advise him who is calling and the reason for calling. If Steven is available to take the call, Liam will be connected to Bob. If Steven does not answer or says that he is unavailable to take the call, the operator will get back to the caller.
  • Operator: “I'm sorry, but Steven is unavailable at the moment. Can I ask him to call you back as soon as possible?”
  • Caller: “Yes please, that would be perfect.”
  • The operator will then take down the caller's name and contact number and advise the caller that he will pass on the message.

    *Messages will be sent on the spot via SMS and/or email. Message details can also be sent to other multiple persons and/or departments based on client requirements.

    The Smart Virtual Reception package

    Custom script and greeting
    Detail obtained from callers during standard script Person name or department caller wishes to speak to, caller name, return telephone number, brief message (for unsuccessful transfers)
    Included contacts/message recipients Unlimited – conditions apply
    24/7 live answering in Australia
    No charge for email sends
    First SMS send is FREE
    Online client portal
    Local in-dial number provided

    Call us today on 1300 728 268 today to find out more about our Smart Virtual Reception service in Australia. 

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