Stay informed with our data collation services in Australia

If you want to find out what your customers think about your business, let The Message Centre take care of the research. By conducting surveys, we can determine the opinions held by your target market and help you identify what’s most effective about your business and what could be improved upon.

We’ll customise the questions we ask to suit your industry and organisation, so you’ll always receive information that is solely relevant to your business. 

Our consultants will gather the following information from your customers:

  • Their overall satisfaction with the products/services you provide
  • Their feedback on a specific staff member they interacted with or a particular aspect of your business
  • What they think of the response to online and telephone requests

    The Message Centre will also follow-up with any customers who have made a service request to your business, and feed the results of these interactions directly back to you. From the collated data, our team will create a professional report for you to read, highlighting what we found, including complaints as well as praise for your company.

    Working efficiently for your convenience, we can generate a reliable database of information that will assist you when moving forward and staying ahead of the competition.

    Call us today on 1300 728 268 for more information about our data collation services in Australia!

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