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the message centre

Reliable hosted interactive voice response solutions across Australia 

IVR is an effective option for communicating with callers. Calls are answered by our automated system, providing callers with a series of friendly voice prompts that allow callers to navigate through the call and leave, or simply retrieve information. 

Our system provides a cost-effective platform for our clients to design their own call flows, answering timeframes, and destinations. Driven by the caller’s selections, calls can be answered at TMC (on behalf of our client), transferred out to another location, or you can simply leave a message for call back at a later stage.

Custom audio greetings for your business in Australia 

At The Message Centre, we offer custom audio greetings as part of our comprehensive client services package. With just a small one-off fee for professional recordings to be created by talented voiceover artists, you will then have a customised greeting that matches your exact requirements.

Once the audio file has been recorded and uploaded, the custom greeting will belong to your business entirely. We then set up the recording to play whenever a customer calls your business, before the call is immediately transferred to a live operator who will seamlessly continue with the customer interaction. 

We also offer custom hold music, with a number of options available. There is no limitation to adding any features to a live answer service or IVR option. Simply get in touch to find out more.

Why choose a custom audio greeting?

A recorded audio greeting not only ensures your customers know they have called the right business, but it also gives them a professional first impression of your organisation. What’s more, a custom audio greeting is a smart way to convey information about your business promptly and clearly.

Our audio greetings can be customised to suit your preferences. Options include:
  • Gender: Male or female
  • Age: Young, mature, or elderly
  • Delivery: Corporate, friendly, natural, or excited
Price guide

Welcome message = $155.00 Thank you message = $175.00 

Our custom audio greetings

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