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What could be handier than sending faxes from your email account? At The Message Centre, we’ve developed a whole host of ways to boost business growth through more efficient and effective communication, and our email to fax service is an example of this.

If you want to communicate easily and quickly with customers and employees wherever you are, then let us show you how.


Our FAXR service allows clients to send faxes directly from their email platform, making it easier than ever to convey important information. To benefit from this service, just contact our team at The Message Centre and we’ll quickly set up your account so you can get started.

We’ll make sure that everything’s ready to go and will explain exactly what you need to do to use the service, providing you with personal and secure login details. 

Alternatively, we can manage the account for you and send faxes on your behalf. No matter which way you prefer to use the service, it will be an added bonus to your overall communications strategy.

Quality data

As with all of our systems at The Message Centre, our FAXR service provides accurate and reliable outcomes and reporting, so you can monitor its effectiveness. Using our email to fax service will subsequently add a further dimension to your business, so just talk to our team for more information.

Call us today on 1300 728 268 for more information about our nationwide email to fax services!

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